a nice italian deli in hove

nice things to eat


We sell regional specialities from Italy, Sussex and beyond.


We cook all of our food.

The usual suspects plus something special every day.

You can take it away for lunch, keep it in the fridge or freeze it.

Or you can eat it here.


viagra 25 mg achatWe make panini.

The menu changes every week so you don't get bored.

If you know what you want, just ask. Phone in your order before 11am to avoid long waits at busy times.

The number is 722481.


When you eat in we must add VAT.


We cater for office lunches and events.

Or private parties.

Our chefs can cook at your home.


Anything else, just ask.


Cs, ms gottlieb, md, ucla school of medicine, jd weisman, do, e rogolsky, md, los angeles, t prendergast, md, county of orange dept of public health and medical svcs, j chin, md, state epidemiologist, california dept of health svcs; ae friedman-kien, md, l laubenstein, md, new york university medical center, s friedman, md, new york city dept of health, r rothenberg, md, state epidemiologist, new york health dept; task force on kaposi's sarcoma and opportunistic infections, cdc. Editorial note editorial note: an estimated 185,000-415,000 homosexual males live in los angeles county. * assuming that they had a median of 13. 5 to 50 different sexual partners per year over the past 5 years,** the probability that 7 of 11 patients with ks or pcp would have sexual contact with any one of the other 16 reported patients in los angeles county would seem to be remote. The probability that 2 patients with ks living in different parts of orange county would have sexual contact with the same non-californian with ks would appear to be even lower. Thus, observations in los angeles and orange counties imply the existence of an unexpected cluster of cases. The cluster in los angeles and orange counties was identified on the basis of sexual contact. One hypothesis consistent with the observations reported here is that infectious agents are being sexually transmitted among homosexually active males. Infectious agents not yet identified may cause the acquired cellular immunodeficiency that appears to underlie ks and/or pcp among homosexual males (3-6). If infectious agents cause these illnesses, sexual partners of patients may be at increased risk of developing ks and/or pcp. Another hypothesis to be considered is that sexual contact with patients with ks or pcp does not lead directly to acquired cellular immunodeficiency, but simply indicates a certain style of life. The number of homosexually active males who share this lifestyle may be much smaller than the number of homosexual males in the general population. viagra for sale buy viagra with debit card buy viagra cheap viagra online viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra http://howtosmudge.com/pjn-cheapest-viagra-online-pharmacy-hc/ viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale Exposure to some substance (rather than an infectious agent) may eventually lead to immunodeficiency among a subset of the homosexual male population that shares a particular style of life. For example, marmor et al. Recently reported that exposure to amyl nitrite was associated with an increased risk of ks in new york city (7). Exposure to inhalant sexual stimulants, central-nervous-system stimulants, and a variety of other "street" drugs was common among males belonging to the cluster of cases of ks and pcp in los angeles and orange counties. References kinsey ac, pomeroy wb, martin ce. Sexual behavior in the human male. Philadelphia: wb saunders, 1948:650-1. Jay k, young a. The gay report. New york: summit, 1979. Friedman-kien ae. Disseminated kaposi's sarco. info@albertoli.co.uk

01273 722481



20 Richardson Rd, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 5RB